SALI & Dog Wash Event

SALI & Dog Wash Event

August 09, 2013 By Janko Predovic

I have recently learned about the Semiahmoo Animal League Inc. (SALI).

SALI is a non-profit, charitable society founded on two principles: people make the world a better place for animals and animals make the world a better place for people. Their mission is to honour, respect and protect the human/animal bond. SALI seeks to improve the lives of animals and for animals to improve the lives of people and envisions a humane community with a rich, rewarding partnership and stewardship of people and animals.

SALI is holding an event TOMORROW (Saturday, August 10, 2013) from 11am to 3pm. This is the SALI DOG WASH, held at The Shops at Morgan Crossing. Map is available here.

At the Dog Wash, for a donation of only $20, your dog will be washed and groomed by SALI volunteers and have a chance to play with other dogs and children who attend. All proceeds go to supporting SALI’s programs.

SALI Dog Wash Volunteers

While they run various programs throughout the year such as the Dog Wash and Pet Food Drive, perhaps the most exciting piece of their organization is SALI’s Farm. SALI’s Farm provides a safe haven for at-risk children and rescued farm animals to bond, learn and heal with one another. Young children who have experienced or witnessed violence attend SALI’s Farm and engage in animal assisted and horticultural activities. The program is rooted in the realization that one of the most common components of violence is a lack of empathy. Caring for animals and plants teaches children empathy, non-violence and that all living beings deserve to be loved and cared for. This program helps break the cycle of violence.

One of SALI’s key team members at SALI’s Farm is Badger, the Horse! Badger was rescued. He was ridden and worked too hard when he was young and is now disabled. His rescuers donated Badger to SALI’s Farm so that he could get all the attention he deserves. He is a very gentle horse and loves children. He is safe and loved at SALI’s Farm and will be there for the rest of his days. The children at SALI’s Farm care for him and he cares for them, everyone healing together in that process.

SALI’s Farm is currently situated on a generously lent piece of land. SALI’s goal is to raise funds to purchase land to move the farm there permanently. I encourage you to learn more about SALI and make a contribution to SALI’s Farm if it behooves you (pun intended).

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