Perfectionism in Kids

Perfectionism in Kids

July 09, 2013 By Janko Predovic

An interesting discourse about raising kids who are perfectionists and some of the downsides of that approach.

Here is a snippet:

“In today’s culture of high stakes testing and tough competition for college admissions, being a perfectionist is often seen as a desirable trait in children.  But recent studies show that perfectionist attitudes can interfere with a child’s ability to achieve goals and shape their futures. In fact, perfectionists often struggle with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.”

“Ask yourself a few questions. If you recognize these traits in your son or daughter, you may be raising a perfectionist! Does your child…

Fear failure?
Believe that making mistakes is a sign of weakness?
Seek approval for the way he or she looks?
Feel uncomfortable with criticism or disapproval?
Believe that a C grade means total failure?
Live with a lot of rigid rules or shoulds?
Perceive that others achieve success with more minimal effort?”

Read the rest at Roots of Action.

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