“Don’t Wreck The Kids”

“Don’t Wreck The Kids”

June 27, 2013 By Janko Predovic

Bountiful Films, in association with the CBC, made a documentary called “How to Divorce and Not Wreck the Kids” in 2009.

The film chronicled the methods, challenges and successes of three couples going through separation and divorce, each having taken a different approach to handling their disputes. The film was broadcast on CBC’s DocZone and made quite the impact.

Below you’ll find the trailer.

You can view the entire documentary by visiting CBC’s DocZone website.

The film features two excellent Vancouver-area Collaborative Lawyers, namely Nancy Cameron, QC and Danny Zack.

Also featured is Divorce Coach Deborah Brakeley.

Another professional featured is Bob Finlay, a well-known Vancouver-area mediator.

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