Defining Success – Free eBook

Defining Success – Free eBook

July 17, 2013 By Janko Predovic

Marilyn Price-Mitchell has written a e-book titled “Reframing Success: Helping Children & Teens Grow From the Inside Out”. It is a fresh take on measuring success for our kids emphasizing the need for us to foster CURIOSITY, CREATIVITY, POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS, APPRECIATION FOR NATURE AND BEAUTY, and BELIEF IN ONESELF.

Please click the image to download the document in its entirety.

Reframing Success (PDF eBook)

Below is a snippet:

Children and teens learn to propel life forward in meaningful directions when they develop an interconnected system of internal strengths – much like the roots of a strong tree. These qualities emerge as the result of adult support and relevant life experiences during childhood and adolescence.

Imagine these roots as the sources of guidance as kids journey through life – much like an internal compass. Everyone’s compass is different because each of us is different. It helps us navigate the good times and bad as well as make meaning of our experiences and relationships.

When children develop an internal compass from which to draw strengths, they learn to navigate life without the help of parents and teachers.

They plot their own paths and create their unique maps toward the future.

Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, is a developmental psychologist who works at the intersection of K-12 education, positive youth development, leadership, social innovation, and civic engagement. Visit her blogs at Roots of Action or Psychology Today.

Her book is being shared under a Creative Commons License.

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