Fresh Approach

A Supportive Process

Collaborative Divorce supports the family through the separation and divorce with a skilled team of multi-disciplinary professionals. The focus is on assembling a team that will meet a family’s unique needs. Particular tasks are assigned to the professionals on the team who are best suited to those tasks, in order to maximize results and minimize costs.


A Shared Goal

Within Collaborative Divorce, instead of two teams fighting with opposing goals, the parties and professionals, including the lawyers, all come to the table with the goal of reaching a settlement. Throughout the process, everyone is focused on the overarching objective despite differences which may exist on individual issues. This is unlike in court, where each lawyer’s job is to “win” the case for his or her client, often at great personal and emotional cost to the family in question.

Collaborative Thinking

This does not mean that the Collaborative Lawyers stop protecting their clients’ interests.

Collaborative Lawyers still protect their clients. The difference is that focusing on settlement requires everyone to address interests beyond simply getting the biggest piece of the settlement pie. This includes resolving disputes respectfully, economically and efficiently, and minimizing damage to the family structure.

Collaborative Divorce brings these interests into the spotlight where they belong.


A “Safe and Effective” Environment

Collaborative Divorce creates a “safe and effective environment” for the negotiations between the parties. The parties and the professionals sign a Participation Agreement (effectively a contract) which requires everyone to dedicate their efforts to settlement, and ensures that anything arising in the negotiations cannot be used later in court.

Once the Participation Agreement is signed, the parties don’t need to waste money and time on posturing; they don’t need to prepare witnesses or manufacture expert reports; they don’t need to flood the opposing lawyer’s office with superfluous letters or court documents; they don’t need to hide assets or lie about financial matters; they don’t need to use their children, relatives or friends as leverage; and they don’t need to spend thousands of dollars seeking meaningless temporary court orders which eventually get reversed at trial anyhow.

The result of the Participation Agreement is settlement discussions which are honest, frank and to the point. Not only is this effective for dispute resolution, it also builds trust and respect, two things which are often lacking between the parties to a divorce. This trust and respect helps the parties heal faster too.


A “Safe and Effective” Environment Means:

Nobody feels frightened or intimidated;
Nobody feels undue pressure to settle issues;
Each party can freely express interests;
Each party can propose solutions without reprisal;
Each party feels empowered to make decisions;
Each party withholds accusations or blame;
Nobody makes threats to go to court;
Everyone is free to say “I don’t know”;
Everyone is free to take time to think;
Everyone is heard;
Each party can take a break at any time;
All honest opinions are respected and considered;
Information is freely available to the parties to help decision-making;
Everyone understands what is being discussed at all times;
The parties follow an agenda and pace acceptable to everyone; and
The parties keep their emotions separate from the business at hand.

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