Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a NO-COURT divorce. The parties work together with their lawyers and specialists outside of court to reach a fair and just settlement.


Discretion Assured

Collaborative Divorce is completely private. Nobody needs to know what was discussed or agreed upon behind closed doors.


Supported Decision-Making

Parties make use of an expert team of professionals to customize an informed, legally-sound and fair settlement that works for everyone – even when at first, this might seem impossible.


Consensual Problem-Solving

Parties retain control over their own solutions and outcomes, without a judge interfering or imposing outside perspectives on them. After all, the parties know their needs and interests better than anyone else, and certainly know them better than a judge who has never met the parties or their children.



Overall, Collaborative Divorce is relatively inexpensive, promotes “win-win” resolutions, facilitates civilized, productive meetings between separating parties and offers greater peace of mind to its participants than many other processes.

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