Clio Review

Clio Review

August 30, 2013 By Janko Predovic

I have been using Clio law practice management software for about four months. I have to say I am quite happy with the results so far. The software is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere on any PC using a web-based login system.

Sign-Up and Trial

The process was easy and a 30-day free trial is offered without any strings attached. I used these 30 days to play around with the software, add contacts, take a few online tutorials and generally get a grasp of the user interface. Immediately upon sign-up there is an online tutorial which guides you through the basics of the software so you don’t get frustrated hunting around for things right off the bat. The execution was good, I normally get annoyed with such things but this one was actually pretty helpful.


Very competitive, at only $50 a month per lawyer.

User Interface

Google-like with clean, crisp windows and no extraneous junk to get in the way of the tasks you are trying to accomplish. This is a far cry from PC-Law, which I used before. While that program might work for a massive law firm with hundreds of lawyers, for my needs it was a hulking dinosaur full of useless features. Clio is light, breezy and extremely easy to learn.

The tabs and menus are intuitive and you quickly get used to where the common functions are located.

Basic Tasks

Designing a custom bills (customized with firm logo, etc.) is a little bit clunky, but once you have it set up, generating a bill in PDF format or in print form is one button click away.

Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox is included in Clio. You can easily share documents with clients and store vital information for easy access outside the office without paying a cent to any third-party companies. (Though you may want to pay for storage with Google or Dropbox if your require more space than the free accounts can offer.) You can access these documents from within Clio without having to log in to Google or Dropbox in another browser session.

E-mail storage is also very effective. Whenever you send an e-mail from Outlook or another e-mail client relating to a client matter, you simply BCC the e-mail to a unique Clio-assigned e-mail address which is linked to that client matter. PRESTO – the e-mail is stored in Clio’s mailbox pertaining to that matter, and any attachments to that e-mail are also stored in Clio in the appropriate folder connected to that client matter.

Calendar use is simple and integrated with Google calendar.

Contacts can be imported from your other applications to make the transition to Clio very easy.

Time-keeping is easy with the built-in task timer, and you can also manually enter time whenever necessary.

Clio is customizable – you can create all sorts of new data fields in various areas of the program so Clio suits your practice and speeds up your work.


Clio Support is based in Vancouver, BC. They are quick to assist on the phone, have detailed online tutorials and forums, and contacted me several times after I had migrated to Clio to ensure that things were moving along well for me.

Trial and Discount

If you are interested in trying Clio, just click on the image below. If you use the referral code by clicking on the link, in addition to your 30-day free trial, you will be entitled to a discount of 25% for the first 6 months of use!

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Clio Practice Management Software

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