Janko Predovic

Janko Predovic, Lawyer, Mediator

Collaborative Lawyer,
Family Law Mediator

Janko has represented clients in British Columbia’s Provincial and Supreme Courts on contested matters of child guardianship, parenting time, asset division, child support and spousal support. Early in his career, he saw that going to court can cause irreparable harm to families. He then immersed himself in the dispute resolution philosophy of Collaborative Divorce and Mediation. Janko believes that assisting families in a respectful, balanced manner preserves money, time, dignity and relationships.

Janko is a Member of the Law Society of British Columbia. He is an accredited Family Law Mediator and partakes in events of the Canadian Bar Association, the Collaborative Divorce Group (Vancouver) & the Collaborative Divorce Group (North Fraser). He is also recognized as a Member of the Associate Family Roster of Mediate BC.

Recent highlights of Janko’s career include assisting the Australian federal government in a policy review, educating BC First Nations groups about self-governance and constitutionalism, and founding his own Collaborative Divorce and Mediation practice. Janko also works as a Mediator and Adjudicator with a branch of provincial government, helping resolve employee/employer disputes.

Janko attended Trinity College for his B.A. in Criminology. He attended the University of Sydney Law School for his Master’s degree in Criminology and his Bachelor of Laws degree.

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