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Cost-effective, practical and durable family dispute resolution in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.

Separations and divorces are not legal problems – they are family problems with legal consequences.

Unfortunately, these difficult and emotional times are when families must make critical decisions that affect the rest of their lives. We provide the practical advice and affordable NO-COURT dispute resolution processes that families need to make tough transitions easier. We also have experienced, results-oriented litigation lawyers available to help if going to court is required.

What story will your children tell about your divorce?

What story will your children tell about your divorce?

Collaborative Divorce addresses separation and divorce with a professional team in a supportive environment. There is no strategizing, posturing, or wasted time or money. The process is consensual and solutions are never imposed. Collaborative Divorce is cost-effective and reduces tension between the parties and their children.

Mediation is a facilitated conversation with a Mediator, who is a neutral third party. The Mediator helps get difficult messages across respectfully and constructively. The parties develop their own solutions. Solutions are never imposed by the Mediator.

We also offer free public education about Collaborative Divorce & Mediation, and about family dispute resolution generally. Please visit our Newsroom to learn more and to book a seminar at your organization or place of business.

You will probably tell the story of your separation or divorce, in one way or another, for the rest of your life. More importantly, your children will too.

Let us help all of you tell a better story.

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